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Magic city farm is where chaos and harmony create a whimsical and unrefined fairyland, where all the desired and rejected parts of life are equally embraced.

Our work reflects the random unpredictability of nature itself.


Tamara Hendershot has been astutely described as a tv that has some burn marks and scratches, but you must have it anyway as it gets channels otherwise unavailable. Lucky is anyone with the good fortune to catch those channels while airing.

Susan Holland has been compelled her entire life by the mysteries of color and texture that intrigue has now led to an exploration of wild and natural dye, to the production of unique garments and short run textiles. A passion unabated.

Carol Jacques lives in an undefined space between Miami and Maine. Whether immersing herself in a wild garden, pure sea, or compelling corner of humanity, she often emerges with elegant wisps of debris from which she draws inspiration and produces magic. 

Abella Bayanos’ life experiences embody the values  and persuasions of Pluck. Born in a  Philippine rural farming area, right from the start, Abellia was enchanted by making and building - planting, growing, cooking, crocheting, knitting, sewing, designing garments, rugs et al. Absolutely everything  in the home was made by Abellia and her family. These diverse and overarching skills developed into a thriving business in the Philippines. She now joins Pluck in Miami, bringing her  diverse abilities, innate passions and deep joy of creating to our fold. 

All pieces are handmade with antique and vintage materials often incorporated. Slight imperfections and variations in color, shape, and texture are a natural part of the process and intrinsic to the nature of the work.

All sales are final. If you encounter any issues please email us at

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